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AQUA Forte provides an authentic Italian experience in Sri Lanka. From homemade breads to an array of pasta, prepared using quality ingredients and traditional recipes, we invite you to embark on a culinary tour of Italy. In Italy, food is deeply rooted in everyone’s culture. Our greatest moments in life and most special memories are connected with food. Due to the nation’s varying climates and environments, we have an array of dishes and preparations that reflect the availability of ingredients, the region’s character and seasonality.


Our menu is an eclectic display of the finest traditional Italian dishes with a modern twist. Each dish is made with love for Italian cuisine. Our ingredients are mostly imported from Italy to maintain the authenticity of the dish, while ingredients like certain herbs and seafood, that must be served fresh, are sourced locally. We also offer a selection of premium Italian wines, that pair perfectly with a range of dishes in our menu. Our wines originate from various vineyards in Italy that produce the best wines.


From gift cards to seasonal offers, shop online to gift the experience of authentic Italian cuisine with AQUA Forte.

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